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Teeth and dental treatment in Manavgat Antalya with our professional dentists, advanced equipments and all kinds of services we offer on teeth.
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Caglayan Dental Health Care Clinic
Antalya Str. Nur Bul. Number:48 /1
(Across Ziraat Bank)
Tel: +90 242 742 89 19
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Services and Treatments

As Caglayan Dental Clinic, every problem you may encounter about teeth and dental health, we offer reliable, advanced services; our dental treatment :

General Dentistry Practices

Some common dental teeth problem treatments:
  • Dental fillings (amalgam fillings are not preferred in our clinic)
  • Tooth extraction (normal - surgery)
  • Removable prosthesis and holder combined with classic precision dentures
  • Canal Root treatment
  • Cron Prothesis

Cosmetic Dentistry Practice

Aesthetic issues related to all kinds of dental treatments:
  • Porselen ve kompozit inley dolgular (laboratuvarda hazırlanan estetik dolgular)
  • Laminate vener (front of teeth with porcelain coating)
  • The bleaching at home (home bleaching)
  • Metal-free porcelain crowns

Dental Implants Applications

Implementation of the implant treatment:
  • Single tooth implant (instead of the bridge prostheses)
  • Multiple missing teeth on the implants by making fixed prosthesis
    (attached imposed "hooked dentures" instead)
  • No Teeth Solutions, instead of fixed prosthesis on implants
  • One day teeth: Lower total prosthesis, palate, instead turned into hard prostheses in a day

Periodontics Specialty Applications

Treatment of Females diseases in the tissues surrounding.
  • Gum disease treatment and operations
  • Teeth cleaning

Pedodontics (children's teeth) Specialty Applications

Our treatment of teeth in children:
  • Dental treatment in children (milk teeth cleaning, filling)
  • Preventive dentistry applications
    • Superficial application flour
    • Covering fissure (grooves on the surface of teeth filled with fluid filling)
    • Placeholders (early loss of deciduous teeth in blocking the formation of deviousness appliances)
  • Treatment of such as finger sucking, pencil biting habits

Treatment of Endodontics (root treatment)

Tooth root and root canal treatment of diseases:
  • Single and multi-rooted teeth and root canal treatment
  • Canal treatment of teeth with abscess
  • Root tip of surgery (apical resection)Root tip of surgery (apical resection)