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Teeth and dental treatment in Manavgat Antalya with our professional dentists, advanced equipments and all kinds of services we offer on teeth.
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Caglayan Dental Health Care Clinic
Antalya Str. Nur Bul. Number:48 /1
(Across Ziraat Bank)
Tel: +90 242 742 89 19
Tel / Fax:+90 242 746 56 20
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About Private Caglayan Dental Health Clinic

Located in Manavgat Region , district of Antalya, Caglayan Dental Clinic, services since 2005 about treatments and solutions in dental health. Specialists Dentists serve you with high technology equipments. Caglayan Dental Clinic staff has four doctors and four assistants with specialized for your dental problems.

Caglayan Clinic

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Since we opened, our services in and around the Manavgat and reliable as the address on the subject of dental treatment in the region would meet the needs of most of the inhabitants. We set ourselves to the mission and vision, our values are constantly developing:


Unconditional satisfaction and service continuity with our patients, Become a Dental Clinic, which not only in Turkey and around the world in dental treatment.


Apply to patients with continuous and high quality dental treatment, not only in Manavgat Region but also Abroad visitors


  • All the requirements must be fulfilled in treatment within technology.
  • Scientific, integrity, cleanliness and geniality does not change as policies should be adopted.
  • Dentists should participate congress, to refresh their knowledge, update information, to monitor new techniques.
  • Aesthetic is an indispensable element of the treatment should be adopted as.
  • Disinfection and sterilization rules "at the highest level" should be given importance.
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